…and the trials begin.


«What have I done? …I have given a wealth that has no name: the knowledge of the Law, the knowledge of God…»

– Jesus, in response to the first questioning


600.    They go along the entrance hall and then they pass through a wide yard, a corridor, another porch and another yard, and they drag Jesus up three steps, compelling Him almost to run along a porch built onto the yard, in order to arrive sooner at a richly furnished hall, where there is an elderly man wearing the robes of a priest.

«May God comfort you, Annas» says he who seems to be the officer, if the rascal who has been in charge of those brigands can be called so. «Here is the culprit. I entrust Him to your holiness, so that Israel may be cleansed of the sin.»

«May God bless you for your sagacity and your faith.»

«Who are You?»

«Jesus of Nazareth, the Rabbi, the Christ. And you know Me. I have not acted in darkness.»

«No, not in darkness. But You have led the crowds astray with obscure doctrines. And it is the Temple’s right and duty to protect the souls of the children of Abraham.»

«The souls! Priest of Israel, can you say that you have suffered for the soul of the least or greatest person of this people?»

«And what about You? What have You done that may be called suffering?»

«What have I done? Why do you ask Me? The whole of Israel speaks about Me. From the holy city to the poorest village, even stones speak to say what I have done. I have given sight to blind people: the sight of their eyes and of their hearts. I have opened the ears of deaf people: to the voices of the Earth and of Heaven. I have made cripples and paralytics walk, so that they might begin marching from the flesh towards God and then proceed with their spirits. I have cleansed lepers of the leprosy pointed out by the Mosaic Law and of that which makes man polluted in the eyes of God: sin. I have raised the dead, but I do not say that it is a great deed to call a body back to life, but it is a great thing to redeem a sinner, and I have done that. I have helped the poor, teaching greedy and rich Hebrews the holy precept of love for our neighbour and, remaining poor, notwithstanding that a stream of gold passed through My hands, I have wiped more tears by Myself than all of you, who possess riches. And, finally, I have given a wealth that has no name: the knowledge of the Law, the knowledge of God, the certainty that we are all equal and that in the holy eyes of the Father tears and crimes are the same, whether they are shed or committed by the Tetrarch and by the Pontiff, or by the beggar and the leper who dies on a cart-road. That is what I have done. Nothing else.»

The Visions of Maria Valtorta


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