The Visions of Maria Valtorta


“You will know them by their fruits… Every good tree bears good fruit…”   – Matthew 7:16-17

“Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us…”    – Luke 24:32


The quotes and events shared on this site come from visions seen and recorded by Maria Valtorta, generally between 1943-47. She wrote thousands of handwritten pages, without modification, recording events throughout Christ’s life. Together these visions are called the “Poem of the Man-God” (details below). Biblical scholars, through theological analysis, agree the writings are consistent with biblical teachings, and actually answer long-standing questions about biblical accounts.

Here are two wonderful and robust sites on Maria Valtorta and the Poem of the Man-God:

  1. Maria Valtorta – A Contemporary Mystic (many relevant texts and testimonials)
  2. The Writings of Maria Valtorta (additional sources, as well as a great reader’s group)

Proponents include Pope Pius XII (“Publish this work as it is… Who reads it will understand.”), Blessed Gabriel M. Allegra (beatified 2012), Fr. Gabriel Roschini (world-renowned Mariologist), Bishop Danylak (gave “imprimatur” to #1 website above), reportedly Saint Padre Pio and Mother Teresa, and likely anyone who has read it. To see many great testimonials:

Authoritative Testimonials

Cities she described, unknown to the world at the time of her writings, have indeed been discovered since her death. Detailed star alignments she described before the use of computers have also since been validated, with a wonderful analysis here:

Astronomical Dating (Purdue Univ. Prof. Lonnie Van Zandt)

Here is a site with copies of important documents on Maria Valtorta and the Poem of the Man-God:

Important Documents


Source details:

Also known as: “The Gospel as revealed to me”

Maria Valtorta

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