“You have served love.”


«But who makes You so good, that You make Your disciples so kind?»

– an old trembling man to Jesus


369.    Jesus moves about the tables. He encourages everybody with words and with His own help. He passes several times near the two stately ladies, Claudia and Plautina, who humbly break bread for guests who are blind, paralytic or maimed or they help them to drink wine; He smiles at His virgins who are looking after the women, and at the mother-disciples who kindly assist the unhappy people; He smiles at Mary of Magdala who is doing her very best at the table of some old men, the most sad of all the tables, as it is full of coughing and trembling people, whose toothless mouths chew food with their gums and slaver. He assists Matthew who is shaking a child, as a crumb of a cake, which he was sucking and biting with his new teeth, has gone down the wrong way. And He congratulates Chuza, who arrived at the beginning of the meal and is now carving meat and serving it like an expert waiter.

The meal is over. The more colourful faces and the brighter eyes of the poor people clearly show their satisfaction.

Jesus bends over an old trembling man and asks him: «What thought is making you smile, father?»

«I was just thinking that it is not a dream. Up to a little while ago I thought I was sleeping and dreaming. But now I feel that it is really true. But who makes You so good, that You make Your disciples so kind? Long live Jesus!» he shouts finally.

And all the voices of the poor wretches, and they are hundreds, shout: «Long live Jesus!»

Jesus goes once again towards the centre of the terrace and He opens His arms wide, beckoning to them to be quiet and still and He begins to speak, sitting down with a child on His knees.

«Yes, long live Jesus, not because I am Jesus. But because Jesus means the love of God, Who became flesh and descended among men to be known and to make known the love that will be the sign of the new era. Long live Jesus, because Jesus means Saviour and I will save you. I will save everybody, rich and poor, children and old people, Israelites and heathens, everybody, provided that you give Me your will to be saved. Jesus is for everybody, not just for this one or that one. Jesus belongs to everybody. He belongs to all men and is for all men. I am merciful Love and sure Salvation.

What must one do to belong to Jesus and thus be saved? Few things. But great things. Not great in the sense that they are difficult, like things accomplished by kings. They are great because they want man to put new vigour and faith into his life to do them and to belong to Jesus. Thus love, humility, faith, resignation, pity are required.

Now, you disciples, what great thing have You done today? You may say: “Nothing. We served a meal.” No. You have served love. You have humbled yourselves. You have treated as brothers unknown people of all races, without asking them who they are, whether they are healthy or good. And you have done that in the name of the Lord. Perhaps you were expecting great words from Me, for your education. I made you do great things. We began the day with prayer, we have helped lepers and beggars, we have worshipped the Most High in His House, we have begun brotherly agapes and we have taken care of pilgrims and poor people, we have served because to serve for love is to be like Me, Who am the Servant of the servants of God…»

The Visions of Maria Valtorta

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